I made a meme.


I made this meme for facebook, and it received about 800 likes and 200 shares.

At first, I felt the need to apologize a bit for it, because it seemed a little judgmental.  After all, popular culture is foisted upon us by the corporate media, which is also similarly complicit in its relative blackout of the good senator from Vermont.

However, I also think it’s incumbent on responsible Americans to know who the candidates are for the most powerful position in the world.  The meme was inspired by my having been alerted that Kim Kardashian has achieved 42 million followers on Instagram.

This really pissed me off a little, because people of substance like Bernie Sanders— and whether you support him or not I would expect that you would at least concede that he is a man of substance— can barely get a break in the corporate media.

So I made a meme.  It’s not up to 42 million hits yet, but on the other hand, I’m pleasantly surprised by the traction it has received.  I’ve seen it pop up randomly in facebook threads with which I had absolutely nothing to do.

I also hasten to add that I am not terribly fond of the way the word “meme” has morphed from its original inception as meaning any cultural metaphorical “virus” to captioned captured pics of cats on facebook.  I am moreover even less fond of the inventor of the term “meme”— so-called New Atheist Richard Dawkins— and yes, I too am an atheist— but that is a discussion for another day.

-Robert Gross

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