Bernie Sanders Supporters Who Would Sooner Vote For Trump Than Hillary Clinton

I saw this post on a Facebook page that nominally supports Bernie Sanders:

While I do support instant-runoff voting, it won’t do any good for me for this election.

If I was to name the candidates I’d vote for in this election:
1) Bernie Sanders
2) whoever the Green Party candidate is this time around
3) Donald Trump/Ted Cruz/Mike Huckabee, etc.

Yes. I would vote for any of the republicans before I would vote for HRC.

That’s why I don’t think I’m spoiling anything for the DNC- if it wasn’t for Bernie, I wouldn’t be voting democrat anyway.

While I don’t support the GOP, I trust them to stick to what they’ve said more than I do Hillary.

That’s what some of you seem incapable of understanding – not all Bernie supporters are democrat. Not all Bernie supporters were going to vote democrat if not for Bernie.

As such, if all of us who won’t vote for Hillary no matter what commit to Bernie or Bust, we won’t be spoiling anything for the DNC. We won’t be taking votes away from them, we’ll be taking them away from the GOP and Green Party.

Then there are those who had no intention of voting for anyone until they heard about Bernie. All those disenfranchised voters turned off by the game of politics.

All we’ll be doing is quantifying the number of independent voters who would have voted democrat just to get Bernie in office.

Yall are acting as if we’re taking away from HRC. In reality, she was never an option for some of us to begin with. Bernie just gave us hope.

This author is an idiot.
What is patently obvious to me is that this author is a misogynist whose seething hatred of all things Hillary Clinton knows no bounds.  The proof?  He admits that he would sooner vote for a proto-fascist like Donald Trump— a filthy racist and misogynist who cracks jokes about menstruation and who has openly said he will— and let this sink in— openly defy the 14th Amendment and attempt to deport 11 million people if elected— than he would vote for Hillary Clinton.
Bernie Sanders gives you hope?  For what?  It’s perfectly obvious to me for what— hope that that lippy bitch Hillary Clinton will be put in her place once and for all by the first white male who has a reasonable (if longshot) chance of defeating her, that being Bernie Sanders.  After that, then it’s on to the next white male who has a chance of putting that bimbo Hillary Clinton in her place— if that has to be Donald Trump, so be it.  If that has to be Mike Huckabee, so be it.  And, by the way, it does not escape my notice that you failed to mention Bobby Jindal or Ben Carson as possible alternatives to Hillary Clinton on your short list.  Gosh, I wonder why?
Yes, we’re not all Democrats.  That’s because a filthy racist and misogynist such as yourself has no place in the modern Democratic party.  Bernie Sanders has said himself that he will support the Democratic nominee if it is not him.  But you are going to openly defy the wishes of the man who “gives you hope.”
You say that you trust the GOP to “stick to” what they say more than you do Hillary Clinton.  Okay, now there we agree.  I trust the GOP to stick to their word that they will attempt to deport some 11 million so-called “anchor babies” (a filthy, racist term) in defiance of the 14th Amendment.  I trust the GOP to stick to their word to thwart all attempts at campaign finance reform so trillion-dollar donors like the Koch Brothers can continue to own our political process lock, stock and barrel.  I trust the GOP to stick to their word to start a war with Iran, and to obstruct any attempts at diplomacy as an alternative.  I trust the GOP to balloon the deficit by continuing to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires, further exacerbating a teetering economy.  Oh, yes, I take the GOP at their word.
Bernie Sanders gives me hope too.  He gives me hope that right-wing racists and misogynists will have less and less influence in modern politics.  But, obviously, this hope is not shared by all so-called “supporters” of Bernie Sanders.
Robert Gross

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