Political Adolescence

This is regarding those progressives who say that they will write-in Bernie Sanders’s name in the General Election and will not vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstance.

The problem they’re suffering from, I think, is political adolescence. Remember how charged you felt when you discovered, in your adolescence, a favorite band or a favorite movie? That’s what a lot of these people are experiencing— the zeal that comes with the first time any candidate has actually resonated with them. But they’re not grown-ups. Grown-ups recognize that in life, you don’t always get your way. Grown-ups recognize that sometimes you have to make do with the least offensive of some unattractive alternatives. Grown-ups say, well, if we don’t win the day this time (2016), we’ll try again in 2018, or 2020. But grown-ups don’t pitch a fit, hold their breath and stamp their feet if they don’t get their way on every outcome.

I think it’s fair to contrast Hillary and Bernie. I also agree it’s lunacy to leave her so bloody and damaged that you’re just helping the right. Her so-called “scandals” are nonsense. They’re all right-wing trumped-up (forgive the pun) mountains made out of molehills. I think it’s legitimate to point out that she has Wall Street ties. That’s not going to hurt her in the General. Her opponent will inevitably have Wall Street ties too, because her opponent will be a Republican. The grown-up way to do things is to make legitimate contrasts. The adolescent way of doing things is to promulgate right-wing memes that are absolute nonsense simply because Hillary Clinton happens to be standing in the way of your newfound hero.

Bernie Sanders is not my hero. He is my choice in a contested election. There’s a big difference.

-Robert Gross

5 thoughts on “Political Adolescence

  1. No it’s about revolution, which I suppose to some seems adolescent. What got us to this point is continuing to vote for the lesser of 2 evils. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. I’m 58 years old and I feel like I did in my youth again. In my youth I wasn’t afraid to take a stand. I was willing to challenge the status quo. Seeing Bernie stand up to politics as usual has renewed my energy and my interest in politics. If that makes me adolescent so be it. I’m done with playing fiddle while Rome burns.


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