Prison Guards for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the recipient of large cash donations from the Private Prison lobby.

The reason I bring this up is because I know of at least one progressive who is currently supporting Hillary Clinton because Bernie Sanders can’t win the general election, or so he thinks.

Yet, this same Clinton supporter puts marijuana legalization memes on his facebook feed on the regular.

Do you see the disconnect here?

Democrats, you do actually have a choice.  The primary season is your only chance to vote for the candidate that most closely reflects your values.  It’s your only shot.  Once the General Election hits, that’s when voters routinely complain that they must choose between the “lesser of two evils.”

My response to this is always: Where were you in the primary?  Did you get out and work for the candidate that most closely reflects your values and positions?  Did you mobilize for that candidate?  Send that candidate money?

I recently took some heat for daring to speak realistically about Bernie Sanders’s chances on a pro-Bernie facebook page, because my outlook was deemed by the admin there as “defeatist.”

Yet I can think of nothing more defeatist than conceding your primary vote— your one chance to use your vote to support the candidate with whom you are most aligned— based on some projected future political calculus.  If your candidate wins the Democratic nomination, then he or she is inherently the nominee of the major party that starts with 246 electoral votes in the electoral college, which is an excellent position to be in to win the presidency.

So I would urge my good friend who is supporting Hillary Clinton based on nothing other than his political calculus to reconsider supporting the good senator from Vermont who has much more consistently come out against the Prison Industrial Complex lobby than has the alleged frontrunner.

-Robert Gross

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