Time and Newsweek Acknowledge Sanders Lead

Both Time and Newsweek are acknowledging the CBS News poll that has Sanders in decisive leads in Iowa and New Hampshire.  This is significant because of the blackout on coverage that Senator Sanders (I-VT) has experienced for the most part during his presidential bid that, if it is covered at all by the mainstream media, has been described as “quixotic”.

It goes to show that the mainstream media will not be able to black out Sanders indefinitely, particularly since he routinely amasses crowds with numbers that look like ZIP codes and is polling this well.  But you have to wonder, why is the mainstream media so reluctant to report on Sanders?

It’s two things.

1) He favors busting up the six corporations that own 90% of all the mass media you see and hear.

2) They’re in the tank for Hillary as a payoff because her husband signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which represented massive deregulation for the telecommunications industry.  They loved this, because it paved the way for the mass media consolidation we experience today.

It’s nice to see Time and Newsweek doing their jobs for once, but it is doubtful, given these structural realities that are in place as obstacles for Sanders, that we should expect engagement with Sanders to become a trend.  It is therefore imperative for those of us who employ and deploy on-line media, social and otherwise, to keep up the good fight in getting the Senator’s message out.

In the meantime, it probably couldn’t hurt to send Time and Newsweek a love note praising them for reporting on Sanders fairly and accurately.  Positive reinforcement is never a bad thing.

-Robert Gross

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