Responding to a Misogynist Sanders Supporter

I apologize for some foul language and I hope the context justifies its use.

So I just got done arguing with a Sanders supporter who is a Bernie-or-Buster (that means someone who is going to write Bernie Sanders’s name in, in the general election even if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee).  He basically wondered aloud, “when did America become full of pussies?” because I said that I would not do anything to enable Donald Trump to become president.

Here is your Hillary Hate vote.  This person obviously hates Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman and he is supporting Sanders as the first roadblock that could viably derail her candidacy.  Doubtless he will vote for Trump next, or whoever is the GOP nominee (unless it’s Carly Fiorina, though that’s obviously very unlikely).  I’m deeply skeptical that he will hold true to his pledge to vote for Sanders when he hates Hillary Clinton this much.  He’ll vote for Trump, or whoever else is the penis-possessing candidate.

My adolescent Sanders supporter then appealed to the Founding Fathers.  After all, they took risks, right?  Isn’t that what makes America great?  Taking risks?  So if it comes down to Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton, we should take a risk and write in the name Bernie Sanders (or, as he implicitly sort of implies, maybe even consider pulling the lever for Trump), shouldn’t we?

Sorry, no.  I’m not taking a risk on proto-fascism.

Donald Trump has said he will openly defy the 14th Amendment and attempt to deport millions of people.

If it comes down to Hillary Clinton versus Trump, I will vote for Hillary Clinton as many times as I can.  Otherwise, we’re looking at a constitutional crisis.  We’re looking at setting up camps at bus depots that might as well be concentration camps.  We’re looking at such an economic disaster that it will make the Great Recession look like blip on the radar screen.

My adolescent correspondent of course gave himself away with his language.  The use of the term “pussy” to mean “coward” is inherently misogynist, and reveals his attitude toward women in general.  Dicks are manly and brave.  Pussies are womanly and cowardly.  So he has no credibility, as far as I’m concerned, to invoke the Founding Fathers (who, by the way, if you hadn’t noticed, were all men) and proclaim his motivations to be noble.  (He also sorely needs a history lesson if he thinks the Founding Fathers’s motivations were absolutely noble and selfless too.)

His motivations are obvious.  Hillary Clinton is a bitch and needs to be silenced.  And anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton is a pussy.  And he’s going to bully anyone who declares otherwise into silence, like so much the widdle boy on the playground.

Too bad.  I’m not going to be bullied.

Let me make this clear.  I’m an enthusiastic supporter of Sanders in the primary.  I really, really, really hope he gets the Democratic nomination.

But I also live in reality, and I understand that this may not come to pass.  When I look at whom the GOP has on offer, yes, indeed, I am very frightened.

If it comes down to Hillary versus Trump, this pussy is voting for Hillary, thank you very much.

-Robert Gross

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