A Spelling Bee With Jonathan Allen

So Jonathan Allen thinks that Hillary changing positions and going back to being her authentic, moderate self is a good thing.

Allen doesn’t get it.  Here, he complains:

While one could spend a lot of time criticizing Clinton for being “calculating” — a word that often is spelled “strategic” and considered a compliment when applied to a male candidate for the presidency — it’s far more interesting and instructive to explore all the reasons for this pivot, especially because it’s one that is likely to define the rest of her candidacy.

And here he quotes, uncritically:

“While Sanders’s ideology might easily fit into a box, Clinton’s does not — she’s progressive on some issues but moderate on others, like tax policy,” said Ben LaBolt, who worked as a communications aide for the Obama campaign and the White House. “That’s less easy to squeeze onto a bumper sticker, but ultimately consistent with where many voters are.”

Yeah?  Sanders ideology fits into box and can be put on a bumper sticker?

That’s spelled “consistency.”  Something Hillary Clinton lacks, which is clearly hurting her in the polls, which, in Iowa and New Hampshire, have nosedived.

One Hillary Clinton supporter recently told me that Hillary Clinton has “weathered the storm,” because, after all, Bernie Sanders remains behind in the polls nationally.  But it’s all about the trend-lines.  Bernie’s trend-line is heading upward.  Hillary Clinton’s trend-line is heading downward.

And that, for Hillary Clinton, spells “disaster.”

If and when Bernie Sanders wins Iowa and New Hampshire both, those national numbers will change.  Dramatically.  The mainstream corporate-owned media, which is hostile to Sanders’s campaign since he wants to break up the six coporations than own the mass media, will be forced to give Sanders air time.  Then they will know they are in a horse-race.  When Sanders’s “consistency” goes head to head with Clinton’s “strategic” approach, whom will the Democratic primary voters really prefer?  Notice here I said Democratic primary voters.  Not Democratic Party voters.  That’s because Sanders is attracting all kinds of independents, sane Republicans and ex-Republicans, libertarians who care about campaign finance reform (so that the Libertarian Party might stand a chance in an actual election if you could imagine), and even the occasional Evangelical Christian after his visit to Liberty University.  You’re not getting it, Jonathan Allen.  People are feeling disaffected by (that’s spelled “fed up with”) politics as usual.  You correctly observe that Hillary Clinton is in a bind.  She can’t be Bernie Lite.  So she has to calculate— er, I mean, strategize— and embrace her moderate core.  But, you see, the fact that she is doing these about-faces at all is what bothers people.  You spin the about-face from progressivism to moderatism as a good thing for Hillary Clinton.  But it is not.  Hillary Clinton’s approval numbers among women— women!— have dropped from 71% to 42%!

And that, for Hillary Clinton, could spell “doom.”

-Robert Gross

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