Being Left Out

I’m sick to death of being left out.

First, there is the liberal community, who don’t seem to understand, for the most part, that any true Christian would identify much more closely with the liberal party than the conservative party. While the Republicans seem to only know a few Bible verses, and most of those out of context, the Democratic Party doesn’t seem to realize that a few well-quoted Bible verses, in context, could win a lot of Christians to their cause.

There is a whole section in James that berates church leaders for giving good seats to the rich wile having the poor stand or sit on the floor. Don’t you realize, James writes, that it is the rich who oppress you? Then there are whole sections of text that speak on the importance of giving to the poor. When the apostle Paul told Peter and James of his intention to preach the Gospel to the gentiles, they just reminded him to make sure to look after the poor, the thing Paul said he was most eager to do.

So many Christians, I am convinced, could easily be swayed to join the Democratic Party if only they would use these sections of text. These passages do not even need to be manipulated. They stand on their own as damning statements against the right wing. It is easier, Jesus once said, for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Yet, the right wing continues to manipulate the Bible, unchallenged. Is it any wonder, then, that most of the Christian population votes right wing?

It’s the only party that recognizes us for the most part, and so the Republicans wave the red flags of same-sex marriage and abortion, whipping the sheeple up into a big frenzy, while the Democrats just thumb their noses at them, as if all most Christians cared about were those two issues. Yet, since the Republicans claim any kind of affiliation to the Christian faith, Christians, very much wanting their voice to be heard, continue to vote Republican just because some members of its party talk about God in sentences other than those that have the phrase, “God damn,” in them. This ought not to be!

Democrats do not need to convert to Christianity, but that they show no interest in us or the Bible whatsoever is inexcusable. There are a great number of Christians who, I am convinced, could be easily persuaded that the Democratic Party is much closer to their interest than the Republican Party. So there are two points of contention. How many points of contention are there between a true Christian and a Republican? They want to cease the aid to the poor— a Biblical no-no. They want to cut funding for the disabled. Another error. They want to let the rich get even richer. This is *not* anything like true Christianity, nothing at all!

* * *

I’m also left out as a blind person. So many software developers won’t make their programs and apps accessible simply because it might be too hard. Yes, blind people can use iPhones and other types of technology, and yes, sometimes a little extra effort must go in to make the apps accessible–but it’s just too much trouble. We are, after all, a very small market. How hard can it be to label some buttons and add a few prewritten lines of code into their apps?

Too hard apparently.

-Ken Downey

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