Hillary Danced the Whip

Twelve percent of the population were living in poverty, while Hillary danced the whip.

Republicans were pouring hate from their hearts like water from teapots, while Hillary danced the whip.

Dozens of millions of people went without health insurance, while Hillary danced the whip.

The corporate-controlled media smiled and sat at ease, pretending nothing was wrong, while Hillary danced the whip.

We are living in serious times. This is not a time for fluff and stuff. It is a time for gravity and solemnity. Thousands— not hundreds but thousands— die of gunshot wounds every year— not around the world, but in this country.  Meanwhile, right-wingers are spouting their hatred— not covertly as was once done in the klanklave, but publicly, in the open air.  I often hear folks talk about how far we’ve come in the realm of racism and social justice, but have we?  The Republicans all made horrible statements about people— yes— living people that bleed when stabbed and cry when they feel grief, and who has rebuked them?  It is a game, a dance, a puppet show.  Bring out the popcorn and beer, and watch Hillary dance the whip!

America is plagued by problems caused by a lack of campaign financial reform.  While the vast majority of us want guns regulated, as cars are regulated, whose drivers must be tested for competence and licensed, the NRA still rules the roost and how? Through legal bribery…

So two men yesterday, October 1, in two locations readied their guns while Hillary danced the whip.

Six corporations, thanks to Bill Clinton, own ALL the mass media in this country.  Free press has become a thing of the past, and now the media is in the palm of corporate America, and their is only one source of news for the people, the corporate source…

Is it any wonder, then, that  they had their cameras rolling while Hillary danced the whip?

It is time to stop dancing around the issues that face us and deal with them head-on.  It is time to stop living in denial, wake up and smell the excrement, and do something about it.  It is time for change.  In a country where the top 1% of the people own 90% of the wealth, where some 8.9 million people cannot find jobs (and yes, this speaks of those who are looking actively), where many cannot even get a standard physical, it is time for change.  I need not tell you here who the one candidate is that will bring us campaign reform, employment reform, and so on.  You all know by now that it is Bernie Sanders.  Hillary is owned by corporate America. She will not cross them.  Sanders takes money from no one…

And, as he decried the injustices committed daily in this country, Hillary danced the whip.

-Ken Downey

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