Think About THIS.

There is a large contingent of American society that is absolutely convinced that someone is going to take away their guns.

They are convinced that Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders are coming to take away their guns.  I remember my brother, a right-wing gun lover, telling me in the mid-90s that he was absolutely convinced that Bill Clinton was going to send people to his door and take away his guns.

After Clinton, it was Al Gore.  He couldn’t possibly vote for Al Gore because Al Gore was going to send people to his door and confiscate his myriad legal and illegal firearms.  Never mind that Bill Clinton never got around to it, and that Al Gore was Bill Clinton’s sitting vice president for eight years.

Now, of course, it’s Hillary Clinton coming to get the guns.  Never mind that she was First Lady for eight years and had tremendous influence with President Bill Clinton, whom it was insisted was going to take away the guns.

But, if it’s not Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama, or Bernie Sanders, or Al Gore, then it’s the United Nations.  Or the New World Order.  Or the Illuminati.  Or whatever other conspiracy that dangerous and disingenuous freakazoid Alex Jones concocts this week.

These people who are convinced that someone is coming to take their guns any day now are completely devoid of any contact with reality.  The simple fact that they believe this with all their hearts and souls shows that they are, indeed, in literal fact, stated here without a trace of hyperbole, mentally ill.  They have lost contact with reality and are borderline insane.  For reals.

And these mentally ill people….


Think.  About.  That.

-Robert Gross

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