Totally Random Thoughts, Vol. I

Sometimes not every thought can be developed into a 500+ word blog post.  Here are some random thoughts that I’ve been kicking around lately.

* Ben Carson showing off his pro-gun idiocy and his anti-Semitism in one fell swoop is pretty impressive.

* Chicago nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Sham at last.  After years of dismissing the legitimacy of such groups, and even writing a song to that effect, Robert Lamm graciously accepts the nomination on behalf of the band.  Class act.

* Speaking of Chicago, Cubs pitcher Jon Lester can’t throw to first.  I’m no baseball expert, but shouldn’t a major league pitcher be able to throw to first????

* If Joe Biden runs, he’ll split the pro-establishment, pro-corporate Democratic Party vote and make it actually easier for a galvanized Sanders base to prevail.

* Ben Carson eats chicken at Popeye’s.  Does Bernie Sanders eat chicken at… Col. Sanders?

* Because of the threat of Joe Biden running, Hillary Clinton is trying to cast herself as Bernie 2.0.  Trouble is, she actually has a record to run on, and it looks nothing like Bernie Sanders’s record.

* You know what, Paul Simon?  Maybe the man in the gabardine suit really was a spy.  Did you ever think of that?

* I really miss Mike Royko.  Best sociopolitical commentary writer ever.  I would have loved to see what he would have done with a blog.

* Carly Fiorina was an incompetent CEO, but at least she’s a pathological liar.

* Huffington Post says Kevin McCarthy dropped out because he was blackmailed over an affair.  Occam’s Razor for the win.

* Please, Bernie, by all means, go on Ellen, but do not dance.

* Webern’s Op. 16 No. 5 clearly employs invariant voice crossing because the first word of the text is “crucem” (cross).

* I love that my eight-year old son loves Crisis on Infinite Earths.  We routinely intone together, “I am the Monitor Monitor Monitor!  And I have brought you here because your worlds are about to die die die!”  Good times.

* I can’t wait to see the next poll numbers for “Jeb!” once the “stuff happens” comment has been taken into account.

* Has anyone noticed that Jim Webb is running for president too?

* Tammy Duckworth for Vice President.  The Republican nominee, no matter who he is, is going to beat the drums for war with Iran.  Putting Tammy Duckworth on the ticket would be a master stroke in reminding the American people what war really looks like.  Plus, she’s great.

-Robert Gross

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