Totally Random Thoughts: Debate Edition

Totally random thoughts about the debate.

* I spent the whole night wondering if anyone would call out Hillary Clinton on her alleged pro-green-energy position and her fighting-climate-change platform by pointing out how much money she’s taken from the fossil fuel industry.

* I very much respect Jim Webb’s service to this country.  But someone needs to tell him that not everything in the world is about the military.

* Hillary Clinton used the phrase “God-given” three times.  Dog whistle.  Yes, we get it.  Bernie’s a Jew, a minority religion.  And possibly an atheist.  But the point of a dog-whistle is to be *subtle*.

* Lincoln Chafee and Richard Dawkins could be brothers.

* If anybody remembers Admiral Jim Stockdale’s pitiful performance in the 1992 vice presidential debate, that’s how bad Jim Webb was.  Maybe they’re not teaching debate in Annapolis?

* Bernie Sanders scoring points off of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal by defending her instead of attacking her is one of the shrewdest pieces of political jujitsu I’ve seen in a long time.

* The candidate that whines the most about not having enough time/attention from the moderators is always the sure loser.  Jim Webb for the Loss again.

* That said, I really wanted to know if Jim Webb ever smoked pot.  I thought they were going to ask everyone.

* Nobody knows what Glass-Steagall is, policy wonks.  We do need to reinstate it.  But it’s not the homerun winning issue you think it is, Martin O’Malley.

* Whose idea was it to schedule this against Mets-Dodgers?  Another Debbie Wasserman Schultz conspiracy to keep people from watching in case Hillary falters?

* Lincoln Chafee went to the weaksauce “but everyone else was voting for it” excuse not once, but twice!  Twice!

* Anderson Cooper, you’re not Jon Stewart.  Please don’t try to be funny.

* Hillary Clinton scores some major points defending a woman’s right to choose.  People rose to their feet.  Then she deflated every bit of it by refusing to support across-the-board marijuana legalization.  The disappointment in the room was palpable.

* Why didn’t Hillary Clinton have to choose between “black lives matter” and “all lives matter”?

* Yeah, the grid thing.  2050.  An admirable goal, but the framing of the issue is a little heady and 2050 seems pretty remote.

* That said, O’Malley really hit home with me when he pointed out that nobody denigrated blacks, Latinos or religious minorities at this debate, unlike at the Republican Debate.

* Did anyone besides me notice that Hillary Clinton— the only woman Democrat running for president— got the question about Carly Fionrina— the only woman Republican running for president?

* Yeah, CNN tried to “gotcha” Bernie Sanders on that immigration vote question.  You don’t “gotcha” Bernie Sanders.  You just don’t.  And the fact that he voted against the so-called “guest worker program” because it would effectively turn immigrants into non-unionized super-cheap slave labor?  That actually matters.

* I really wish Mark Russell was still doing his thing on PBS.

-Robert Gross

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