We all know that politics has two “wings,” the left wing and the right wing. We know this because the corporate-owned media makes liberals into “those communist left-wingers,” and Christians into, “those fascist right-wingers. Obviously, there are liberals who are on the very far left and people that call themselves Christians who are on the very far right.  But did you know that the political spectrum ought to be looked at as a hoop or circle, rather than a straight line?  Here is why.

The circle model gives us two axes.  One, the axis of what you might call good, or at least acceptable to the general public in regards to finance, reform, domestic and foreign policy, morality and so on, while the other center, which I shall call the axis of evil, gives us people who regard none of these things.  Those in the axis of good want better education for all.  They want to get the money out of politics so that all candidates have a fair chance of winning, and win by the platform on which they stand and the way in which they present that platform.  They want jobs for everyone willing to work, and good pay for all workers.  They want a welfare system for those unable to work due to disability or discrimination, and to end that discrimination.

Then there is the other center, the “axis of evil.” Before I continue, I must emphasize that many of the people in this “axis of evil,” have simply done and do what they think is right.

If you read the communist manifesto with an open mind, you will quickly realize that Marx and his comrades were absolutely correct in their analysis concerning the state of affairs in which they lived.  Consumerism was on the rise, and the elites wanted it that way.  When too much product was produced, industry simply destroyed the rest.  This still goes on.  A few years ago, I was told of a Best Buy store who got in a new shipment of desk chairs.  Instead of simply putting them on sale, they took the older models outside, slashed the upholstery to ribbons, and threw them out, making sure nobody even tried to steal the now mutilated chairs.

Hitler and his people also did what they thought was right.  They thought that they could advance the human race by making us into supermen.  How do you do that?  Well, if you want to make the best corn, you kill off the diseased corn, the weak corn and so on, and this is exactly what the third Reich attempted, and how did it begin?  Other than Hitler being rejected from art school, It began with Hitler observing that many criminals were treated way too well for what they were, as it is in many places today…  Though in our society, where prison is a huge business primarily based on the “catch the African American looking at the cops wrong,” game, you will hear no complaints from me on that score.

Where do these extremes end?  Even though the people of these extremes both think they are right, the ends are the same: killing, oppression, suppression of the truth and free speech and, in a word, tyranny.

Perhaps you are asking why I am writing about these extremes, though I feel it ought to be obvious to the observer. In an earlier post on this blog, Dr. Robert Gross examined the abject racist comments of most of our lovely Republican candidates, and not just comments but many other offensive acts, all the while accusing Bernie Sanders of socialism.  While Sanders *did* indeed call himself a “Democratic Socialist,” there is a great difference between socialism and democratic socialism.  Canada is a Democratic Socialist country. T hey have freedom of the press, but they also have free health care.  The USSR was not a democratic socialist country.  Otherwise it would have been the USDSR.

Therefore, it is quite obvious that these Republican clowns are farther near an extreme than is Sanders.  (This is a gross understatement.)  Sanders is tired of seeing oppression, not wanting to cause it.

There is one more group we need to look at, the Clintons. are they liberal?

From my understanding, the core of being a liberal is that you believe that everyone should get their fair shake. this is not what Bill has done though, nor is it what Hillary will perpetuate.  In 1996, Bill Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act, and told us that this was going to do just that, allow the liberal voice to be heard, to continue to further the spread of ideas and so on…

Well, how are we doing?

Are you aware that six major corporations own not 10%, not 30%, not 50 or 70 or 90% of the media, but a whopping 96%!  Is this the case because Bill Clinton just misunderstood the bill and couldn’t imagine what happened, or is it because he is in bed with the corporations?  Notice that I did not ask if it were possible that the Clintons could possibly be in the pockets of the corporations, and that is because this is a known fact.  Frankly, to me this looks much more right-wing than I am comfortable with.  Yes, I know that President Clinton did much good for our country.  The national debt became a national surplus, and foreign affairs were good, but Mrs. Clinton doesn’t get to ride the former president’s coat tails, just as Jeb doesn’t get to ride his brother’s coat tails and his brother didn’t get to ride his dad’s.  I know it’s a bit different, but if it is the case the case that it is different because she was much more involved, much more than George W. was involved with his father, should she even be allowed to run in the first place?  This smacks of dynasty to me, just as having a second president Bush smacks of dynasty to me, but I guess the American people love their dynasties… Wasn’t there even a show by that name once?

In conclusion, if you want the axis of evil to gain power, if you want the extreme of fascism to become the norm, vote Republican.  Even if the next republican president doesn’t get us all the way there, he will certainly move us closer.  If you want politics as usual, go ahead and vote for Hillary, who is only on one side: that of the corporations.  If you want change though, real, indefatigable change, then their is one candidate and only one candidate for whom you must vote, and that candidate is Bernie Sanders.  Even if he moves us farther left than we are currently, this will be a move toward the center rather than a moving out onto the left wing.

-Ken Downey

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