Memo to Marco Rubio and Ben Carson: Stoking Racist Flames Will Backfire

Marco Rubio has been trying to garner some of Trump’s racist vote through dog-whistles.  Like “Jeb!”, who came out against “multiculturalism” in his own attempt to dog-whistle his way into Trump’s racist vote, Rubio held a fundraiser at a Hitler fan’s crib on a Jewish holiday.

This comes on the heels of Ben Carson’s recent comments that a Muslim should not be president.

I’ve got news for the doc and the senator.  You’re vying for something you can’t win.  You are, respectively, an African-American and a Latino-American.  Your racist base will not like that.  The more you tantalize the racists in your base with racism, the more you underscore the fact that you too are people of color that racists should hate. 

Marco Rubio tries to distance himself from his Cuban-American roots by embracing right-wing anti-immigration stances, hoping that the racist nuts on the right will give him brownie points for that.

Not going to work.  Your name is Marco.  Rubio.  Your base is in the mood for “authenticity” (that means unfettered, unvarnished, base, venal, overtly stated racism in all its ugly winsome glory).

Ben Carson pointing the finger at Muslims and saying “look over there!” will not work.  Marco Rubio pointing the finger at Jews and saying “look over there!” will not work.  The racists hate you guys too. 

Your best bet, Carson and Rubio, is to try to galvanize what little support there is among moderate Republicans who are not racist.  Galvanize them, see if there is about 30% of them, and take on Trump, fighting the good fight for the heart and soul of the Republican party.

But, given the fact that the Republican party through its media arms Fox “News” and AM Hate Radio have all but killed the moderate wing of the party, you know as well as I do that there probably is not a 30% non-racist moderate base to be had.

So there you are.  Desperately and pathetically trying to “me too” your way into Trump’s racist base.

I think it’s time for Rubio and Carson to do the honorable thing and bow out, while they still have any honor left.  They are embarrassments.

-Robert Gross